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Physical Therapy

Physical TherapyFor your loved ones who need physical rehabilitation, our licensed physical therapists can assist them. Physical therapy is the rehabilitative intervention provided for individuals whose mobility or physical functions were affected by illnesses, stroke, or accidents. Licensed physical therapists will assist the patient in rigorous routines to help them regain their overall functionality.

At Blissful Health Care Services, Inc., our licensed physical therapists will help your loved one find recovery or optimum functionality from their physical limitations. With an individualized care plan, your loved one will be subjected to a set of rehabilitative programs so that their normal function can be attained.

If you have a loved one who is recovering from stroke, figured in a vehicular accident, or going through arthritic pains, among others, our physical therapists are their allies in regaining their quality of life.

Would you like to be referred to our physical therapists? Contact us today.